Ziel Launches, Offering Radio Frequency & Microwave Technology for Food and Cannabis Industries

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Ziel Launches, Offering Radio Frequency & Microwave Technology for Food and Cannabis Industries

Organic treatment offers a proven disinfection solution backed by a decade of use in the global food industry

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (November 10, 2017)Ziel, a food safety solutions company that provides domestic and global food and cannabis industries with disinfection and disinfestation processes, has launched its newly-formed company following the management-led acquisition of RF Biocidics.

Offering custom solutions using radio frequency technology and hand-crafted machine design, Ziel’s products ensure that common household food items such as dates, prunes, almonds, and cashews are safe for consumption. Ziel’s technology is currently deployed to treat tree nuts, edible seeds, spices, dried fruit, and cannabis in countries including the U.S.A., Australia, Chile, and the United Arab Emirates. Clients of Ziel include Prunesco, Sran Family Orchards, Riverland Almonds, Torn & Glasser, Sesajal, Benexia, The Green Solution, and Los Suenos Farms.

“Regulation compliance and consumer safety is what drives us to create business-focused solutions on behalf of our clients,” explains Arthur de Cordova, co-founder and managing director of Ziel. “Industries across the globe rely on radio frequency technology as a disinfection solution, and there is no other method that has been proven to be as effective and safe.”

Radio frequency treatment is chemical-free, organic, non-polluting, and has minimal to no impact on flavor or aroma. Ziel’s product lines include APEX, which serves low-moisture commodities such as tree nuts, spices and seeds, and cannabis. Ziel’s radio frequency technology has achieved the very stringent process validation certificate for almonds from the Almond Board of California. High-moisture fruit such as prunes and dates are treated with Ziel’s SENTINEL product line, which uses microwave technology.

By creating an oscillating electromagnetic field at 27.12 MHz between two electrodes in the APEX product line, any product containing polar molecules, such as water, will oscillate when placed in this field. This rapid internal gyration of molecules generates heat volumetrically, which then kills targeted contaminants, pasteurizing and disinfecting the food products, making it safe for consumption. Ziel’s APEX line comes with CE mark and the design is compliant with UL standards.

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About Ziel

Ziel is a food safety solutions company servicing the food and cannabis industries. Using radio frequency (RF) technology with APEX and microwave technology with SENTINEL, both product lines offer industrial-scale disinfection and disinfestation solutions for almonds and other tree nuts, various seeds, dates, prunes, and cannabis. APEX and SENTINEL systems employ chemical-free, organic, and non-polluting processes that have minimal impact on flavor and aroma. Ziel’s solutions are cost-effective, and are utilized by trusted partners in the U.S.A., Australia, South America and the United Arab Emirates. Ziel’s corporate headquarters are located in San Francisco. To learn more about Ziel, visit www.zielps.com or www.zielcannabis.com.