Weigh Belt System

Meters product to ensure an even flow.

Pre-wet System

Normalizes electrical field distribution to optimize temperature distribution and microbial destruction as well as minimizing moisture loss.

Metal Detection System

Foreign material is removed before being introduced to RF system.

Fully Automated Control System

PLC controls combined with user friendly HMI interface. EWON module allows for remote access. SCADA data collection generates customized reports.

RF Processing Section

RF field is generated and applied to the product.

Automatic Reject System

Product subject to process deviations (power failures) is automatically sent to an alternative conveyor for appropriate handling.

Hot-hold Section

This optional section can provide desired sensory attribute including light roasting. In select cases hot-hold section can help reduce water activity to ensure longer shelf life.

Cooling Section

Atmospheric air is passed through a HEPA filter and circulated to cool the product to near-ambient temperature.

Flexible, efficient and effective.

The APEX is a versatile, standalone disinfestation and pasteurization system for dry food commodities, providing a flexible and economical approach to the treatment process.

RF energy is carefully controlled and monitored to allow even processing resulting in minimal sensory impact. Touchscreen HMI and PLC controls allow the APEX to be customized to meet the needs of our customers. The high efficiency generator yields a long service life and low maintenance costs.

APEX provides simultaneous pasteurization, disinfestation and enzyme inactivation effects and accommodates a range of capacities. The system is gentle enough to maintain a food’s nutrient content, texture, color and taste.

Equipment Options

APEX 85 & 170 for Low Moisture Foods
APEX 7 for Cannabis

The Solution is APEX

According to the latest Field to Fork study conducted by StrategyOne (now Edelman Berland), more than half of U.S. grocery shoppers cite chemicals in foods and safety (or lack thereof) as the leading factors that have put our country’s food production process on the wrong track.

Say America’s approach to food production is on the wrong track

Say it’s on the right track

Are undecided