Metal Detection System

Foreign material is removed before being introduced to the system.

Infeed Equipment

Prevents bridging of commodities to ensure a free metered, mass flow with an even distribution across the belt (<2% variation).

Vision Detection System

Infrared system to detect product and ramp-up/ramp down generators automatically.

Fully Automated Control System

PLC controls combined with user friendly HMI interface. EWON module allows for remote access. SCADA data collection generates customized reports.

Processing Chamber

Product is processed to achieve desired disinfection and disinfestation

Corporate EM Top & Bottom Feed

Combining top and bottom heat helps with surface temperature and internal temperature uniformity.

Belt Washer

Automatic system maintains belt cleanliness while machine is in operating mode.

Product Cooler

Proprietary design achieves efficient cooling with minimal footprint.

Reliable, economical and practical.

The SENTINEL system is specifically designed for the treatment of high moisture and high salinity commodities.

Heat is generated directly within the product and does not rely on vaporization or slow conduction, equating to reduced processing times. The result is a product that retains its natural nutritional and sensory characteristics without the use of harsh chemicals.

With SENTINEL’s continuous process, our customers enjoy significant manufacturing efficiencies relative to traditional batch-based systems.

Equipment Options

Estimated Throughput 1,100-1,700kg/h 2,200-3,000kg/h 3,800-4,500kg/h
Length 29m 32m 36m
Width 7m 7m 7m
Power Consumption
(Amps)** Requires 3Ø & 1Ø
550Amps 3Ø
126Amps 1Ø
550Amps 3Ø
168Amps 1Ø
780Amps 3Ø
210Amps 1Ø

The Solution is SENTINEL

Based on research conducted by Edelman Berland, two-thirds of consumers indicate that they try to avoid food products that are processed with chemicals.


Say it’s something that they avoid at all costs

Say it’s something that they try to avoid

Say it’s not something they avoid and view it as necessary

Say it’s not something they avoid and don’t find it detrimental

Are unsure